We are going to be starting food club here at Kinder Daycare and Nursery, our rooms are going to pick a food item and cook it on different days. The weekly schedule will be Monday for babies, Thursday for Toddlers and Friday for pre- school so you can see the difference in techniques and how the age ranges change the outcome. We will be sending the food home for you to enjoy.

In Pre-School, we have enjoyed making pizzas. Here’s how we did it:

  1. Everyone went to wash their hands using soap and we then got our aprons on.
  2. We began by making our own dough and left it to prove for 10 minutes.
  3. Whilst the dough was proving, we made our own tomato sauce by squeezing the tomato juice into a bowl and then adding a thicker sauce for the pizza.
  4. Each child made their own shape out the dough ready for their toppings
  5. The children each got some sauce and spread it across our pizza dough.
  6. Each child picked their own ingredients for their pizza and put them on top.
  7. We spoke about what our favourite ingredients were for our pizza.
  8. We spoke about the pizza going in the oven and we need to wait before we eat it.

All the children loved taking part at different stages of our process and are excited to see how the pizzas will turn out!