Heroes of their own stories

We understand the responsibility of empowering the generations of tomorrow.

At Kinder, we believe every child needs a little support, guidance and inspiration to spark their imagination. That’s why we tackle everything with positivity, because after all, smiles are infectious.

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Learning through play

That’s why here, every solution has a problem, and every child can be whatever they want to be. We tackle everything with positivity. After all, smiles are infectious.

Our Nurseries

A home away from home

At Kinder, we believe every child should feels happy, comfortable and inspired.

We strive to cultivate a close-knit community of parents, and professionals hat help every child develop and adopt values they will retain for a healthy, happy life.

Our Nurseries

We are a dedicated and passionate nursery
dedicated to making a difference in the world by 
inspiring new generations and empowering families.

We provide the highest quality care for children
between 3 months to 5 years old in a fun,
challenging, and stimulating environment.

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Leaders of their own learning

After all, before any of us could read or write,
we knew how to play, sing, dance, and draw.
That’s why every child receives a personalised
approach, with personal attention surrounded by 
wonderful outdoor space perfect for exploration,
learning, and adventure.

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We're an active community

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Family Club on evenings and weekends.
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"Overall I am really happy with how my daughter is progressing at pre-school. Her key worker is brilliant. They are really supportive in all aspects and my daughter enjoys her time when she is here. Look forward to the remaining months she has left before school starts and to see how she develops."
– Anisa S
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Our Nurseries

We play a vital and important part in our communities
and are only a hop, skip and a jump away.

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